Powering theLootian Economy

Join the first trading platform in Lootverse.
Trade Lootian Tickets (LTT) for In-World Credits and vice versa.

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Black Box Custody

Trade Lootian Assets

Black Box is where you buy and sell your Lootian assets such as LTT, Credits, and more later ($LTT, Lootian resources, Lootian companies, etc). You can transact on both the open market and your own OTC market.

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Your Lootian Exchange

Low Fees

Our fees are 1%. We do not charge any fees for deposits, withdrawals, and transfers.

Anywhere, Anytime

Trade at any time, on any device, and from any country in the world.

Fair and Transparent

Lootverse always keeps custody of all your assets but Black Box records all transactions. Through the Black Box Mirror Custody, we display how much was “deposited” on Black Box. You can also use BB scan to audit the Black Box open market.

Convenient Features

Send your assets to Black Box and back to Lootverse whenever you want. We allow fractionals for deposits, withdrawals, and other transactions. Also, trade easily using our advanced order book and trading engine.

Set Up Your OTC Market

As a portal operator in Lootverse, you get to sell your LTT directly on your own OTC market, without having to compete with other sellers in the open market.